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        Premier Resort marina launched in Perth,WA

        Number of visits: Date:2017-12-13 11:17

        Few would have known that, 70 km down south of Perth, within one of the most beautiful quiet towns of West Australia, Mandurah is home to a new luxury private yacht marina. Small as it may seem, with only 5 berths and 188jetty floating pontoons, this newly completed marina project will contribute significantly to the local economy, bringing immense recreational and tourism benefits in the near future.

        Livart Marine from Shenzhen, China, a leading expert in floating solutions and marina pontoons globally, is proud to be associated with the design, supply and installation of marina pontoons for this project.

        Having been involved with the marina industry for 37 years, both as an advisor and installer of marina pontoons, Mr.Jim Scott J.P a spoke-person at the marina best summed up as follows, I was the person who oversaw the installation of your Livart Pontoon system for Strezlecki, with Ms Mariann being as our go -between. I would like to say how very impressed I am with the whole system, and the quality of workmanship is brilliant and cannot be faulted. The final appearance and ease of use would match any that I have been involved with and these include Walcon, Poralu, Sea-Slip and several others used in Australia. Congratulations on a top product!”

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