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        Floating Breakwater

        Maninetek Breakwater now in third generation production,have been installed around the world often in the harshest environments. No single unit has ever failed and in some cased  the Marinetek unit has been the only pontoon to withstand the test.This kind of exceptional strength,coupled with excellent wave attanuation,is a design achievement resulting from technical research undertaken worldwide. Tank testing,theoretical calculations and field tests have been the norm,results are impressive-the third generation breakwater,in production for the past 15 years,has 30% better eave attenuation than competitive products.

        Justifiably proud of the effectiveness of its system,Marinetek is the only breakwater manufaturer in the world to publish wave attenuation diagrams for its different breakwater models,breakwaters reduce the wave height and strength by directely deflecting some of theenergyand dissipating smaller amounts by friction and turbulence,the main technical parameters i.e.Width,height,weight and moment of inertia,are selected for maximun attenuation capacity.

        The connection bwtween the pontoon units is semi-flexible with sufficient rigidity to enable the breakwater to work as a contiunois structure.